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Latest News as at 28th September 2012

The Council presented both written and oral evidence at the Public Inquiry into the latest planning application for the development of the derelict holiday-camp site on the Plémont headland. The Inquiry took place over two days, 25th and 26th September 2012. The Inspector expects to publish his report, with recommendations to the Minister for Planning and Environment within about six weeks. The National Trust for Jersey was represented at the Inquiry by Advocate David Steenson who extended his brief by summing-up on behalf of all the opponents of the application who made oral statements. The Council is enormously grateful to Advocate Steenson for performing this difficult and onerous task to very great effect. As a consequence, it is difficult to see how the Inspector could recommend approval of the application as it was presented.

The Council has campaigned vigorously for many years against any new development on this beautiful, coastal landscape. We have supported the campaign by the National Trust for Jersey in its efforts to persuade the States of Jersey to acquire the site and return it to nature. The Council is delighted that the Chief Minister, strongly supported by Senator Sir Philip Bailhache has lodged a Proposition in the States of Jersey that the site should be acquired for the enjoyment of the public. Much will depend on the outcome of the Public Inquiry and the recommendations of the Inspector conducting the Inquiry which should determine how much new development, if any, should be permitted in this Green Zone area.

The Council's letter of representation against the present planning application can be found here.

Oral Statement to the Public Inquiry can be found here.

Letters from the Council to the Jersey Evening Post on this subject can be found:

Letter 19.04.12 here.

Letter 06.08.12 here.

The Council's Initial Submission for the Public Inquiry and now listed as a Core Document here. All Inquiry documents can be found on the States Plémont Public Inquiry webpage here.

The Council has also written letters of representation and, at planning meetings held in pubic, spoken against the following planning applications:

Camellia Cottage (P/2010/1809) - Letter of representation here.

The Council provided written and oral support to Mr. Christopher Blackstone in his successful Third Party Appeal against this application which has since been resubmitted, virtually unchanged. This extraordinary process continues. Following a meeting on 3 August 2012 presided over by Deputy R.C. Duhamel, the Minister for Planning and Environment whose decision was reserved pending his site visit which would take place after building profiles for the proposed three tall buildings have been erected in scaffolding.

St Martin's School & Playing Field (Field 327A) (P/2012/0833) - Letter of representation here.

As a matter of principle the Council will object to any development on a green field unless it can be shown conclusively the such development is required to meet an essential community need and that it cannot be located elsewhere. A worrying aspect of this application is how the Protected Open Space designation for Field 327A was removed without the States members or members of the public being informed before the Jersey Island Plan 2011 was endorsed.

Southampton Hotel (14-16 The Weighbridge) (P/2011/0840) - Letter of representation here.

Not for the first time, this application gives further proof that while the Historic Environment Team is busy updating the listing of historic buildings and producing Design Guidance for St. Helier, planning officers in the same Ministerial Department seem to feel free to approve the demolition of listed buildings and adopt architectural designs which are completely alien and out of context with adjacent, historic streetscapes.

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