Council for the Protection of Jersey's Heritage
Rue des Buttes


The Council for the Protection of Jersey's Heritage (the "CPH") was established to act for and promote the protection of Jersey's rich and varied heritage. We maintain a watching brief on all aspects of the welfare and management of Jersey's heritage, including monitoring registers and planning applications, listing of archaeological sensitivity and ensuring the proper implementation and adherence to policies, regulations and best practices.

The CPH works in a number of special groups each of which is, in the main, autonomous in order to be able to take immediate action on any matter of concern.

The convenors of each of these groups make up the executive committee, reporting to it at its regular meetings. The chairman of the executive committee and of the Council is John Mesch. Convenors will be pleased to hear from you if you wish to support any group through active participation or by advice. The groups are as follows:

Archaeology, Geology, Landscape and Archaeological Sites Listing
Coastal Strategy, Conservation Policy and Island Plan Revision
Forts, Castles and German Fortifications
Urban Rescue, Waterfront Development and Historic Buildings Listing
Vernacular and Rural Architecture (pre-1799)
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